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Support Ticket 23-Feb-2012

Support Ticket 23-Feb-2012
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Support Ticket 23-Feb-2012

A home PC connected to the router by wire suddenly start to loose internet connection when they activated wireless for the Ipad to work. They said the PC won’t connect to the internet while the Ipad worked flawlessly. I thought it should be the other way around with wireless being prone to interference. This didn’t make sense to me and still doesn’t. They say then walk away and leave it for 30 mins and most of the time it worked. Can’t rule out ISP service as the Ipad works but doesn’t explain why the PC is not able to connect even though it’s connected via the wire. Something’s still not right here in this story.

The other one I encountered was a late call from a more informed user who can install and unintall device drivers. He claimed his wireless won’t worked and had reinstalled the driver a couple of time and still no luck. Said it worked a few weeks ago and expect me to do this remotely as he lives too far for the field engineer to go and fix this and his not able to work without the laptop. Classic!!! Upon investigating the issue, and exhausting all knowledge in checking everything remotely, I decided to check the picture in google of this particular model which he claimed in the beginning doesn’t have a wireless switch, only function button to activate it. It did have a switch and he knock it off unknowingly. What a waste of time this is… Guy’s very apologetic in the end. Never assume you know everything always…

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