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Support Ticket 22-Feb-2012

Support Ticket 22-Feb-2012
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Support Ticket 22-Feb-2012

Had a company raised a call to say they are not receiving any e-mails and no internet as well. I bet if they have other things that uses internet, they are not working as well. So I did what I think should be done first. I had them to call the ISP and get the  internet line tested. ISP came back to say the line is dead. Someone in their company has requested to terminate the line according to the ISP’s records. These are the customer who often say they loose big time if the operation is disrupted by computer or anything related to computing including internet. They immediately told the ISP provider it was a mistake and if they can re activate the line immediately. They were the told the earliest they can be activated is 5 working days. Nothing they can do anymore but to accept defeat. It’s sad isn’t it? You have the money but you can’t get the service instantly. They felt small compared to the big telecom company. There’s always a bigger fish.  Now all they can do is wait while they lick their wounds.

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